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All you need to know about Anti-Snap Locks

Burglars are increasingly taking advantage of a technique known as "lock snapping," which renders a euro lock completely worthless. Burglars use this technique of "snapping" or breaking the lock cylinder to gain access to the inner mechanism and thus gain entry to your home. Lock-snapping has become more common in the United Kingdom as the number of homes with euro locks has risen over time. A professional locksmith, expert in door and window lock repair Leeds can guide you all about lock snapping.

Is There a Way to Prevent My Locks from Snapping?

Installing an "Anti-Snap" lock is one method of preventing your house from being broken into. Anti-snap door locks Repair Leeds were created to prevent break-ins of this nature. When a lock is subjected to an attack, it is designed to snap in a certain location, preventing the mechanism from being disclosed. Using this lock, you can keep a burglar from breaking in, but you'll have to replace it if the original is broken.

The Top Anti-Snap Locks in UK

Anti-snap locks come in a variety of forms, so we'll walk you through the most popular options below to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

British Standard

The 'British Standard' kite mark is only applied to locks that have met the BSI's manufacturing standards (British Standard Institute). Most insurance companies require you to use British Standard Locks in order to meet their requirements. There is a sign on a lock that says "British Standard Kite." This means the lock is of the best quality and is safe to use.

Diamond Standard

The "sold secure" indicator is another trust signal that assures the security of a lock. Sold Secure, a testing and certification house, has certified this lock.

There has been an ongoing expansion and development of SS312 Diamond Standard since its inception in 2010. To ensure that the locks can withstand ever-evolving threats, the tests and inspections are updated on a regular basis. The lock snapping resistance test is one of them, and it passes.

Yale Anti-Snap Locks

Yale locks are a household name and have been around for hundreds of years, making them one of the most well-known brands in the industry for all door lock problems Leeds. You may rest assured that their locks are of the highest quality because of their extensive experience and long history of making high-quality locks. According to Yale's official website.

ERA Invincible Locks

Another well-known brand that you should consider using is ERA. Over the past 175 years, they have been creating and manufacturing high-quality locks. They have a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry. Doors and window lock repair Leeds are their specialty, but they've recently added smart home technology to their portfolio.

When it comes to grading or evaluating their locks, the ERA doesn't rely on the Sold Standard or the British Standard. They have a UKAS-accredited testing facility of their own. To put it another way, this means that they are certified to independently test locks to PAS 24:2012, the "gold standard."

What You Should Know about Anti-Snap Locks

Choosing an anti-snap lock is all about looking at the euro cylinder standards. Check with your insurance provider to see if they demand a certain standard, such as the British Standard or the Sold Secure Diamond Standard. To learn more about the many types of locks, consult an experienced locksmith such as the Leeds locksmith for your door lock repair Leeds give you all the relevant information and install the lock of your choice.


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