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Best Door Locks at Your Doorstep

Updated: Feb 5

Hi, whether your door is wooden, pvc, composite, aluminium etc, there are many different lock systems. If your door is wooden you will most likely have a sashlock installed. A lot of people for extra security will fit a deadlock below and or above to as seen in the picture below. The Leeds Locksmith offers this service in the Leeds area and can also key alike all the locks in the door so 1 key opens all 2-3 locks.

If you have a composite or upvc door you will have a euro lock in your door and a mechanism which it activates. The mechanism maybe a 3 or 5 point system where once you lift your handle up hooks and rollers move on the edge of your door to lock into the frame. This system is only as good as the lock that protects it so it is important to have the best lock you can afford. You can add additional security from chains and sash jammers which would add a layer of protection if the burglar got past your lock. The Leeds Locksmith offers all the above service for door locks in Leeds.

Whatever door you have it is highly important to have the best security systems in place at the end of the day what is more precious that your family and home. The Leeds Locksmith works with the police daily, which allow us to know the most up to date methods of burglars and then be able to use systems to stop them entering your homes.

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