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Boarding Windows

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Are you thinking if you should start boarding windows Leeds of your home/office before the hurricane? If yes then you should waste your time thinking and start doing it as soon as possible. You can get help from specialized experts that offer window boarding services.

The weather forecasters normally predict the upcoming situation of weather and highlight the possible chances, strength and path of a hurricane even before it lands. This prediction by the weather forecasters gives enough time to the homeowners a business person to be prepared for the storm and secure their properties from any sort of damage or harm. The windows are the most sensitive part of every building which can be protected or the impact of the storm can be reduced by boarding up the windows with plywood or some other type of board. To learn how can you board up the windows of your office or home you can read this article.

How window boarding is done?

First of all, you need to know the supplies you should have in your hand to board up the windows of your property. During the hurricane season, the demand for supplies becomes so high due to which the prices also go up suddenly. So, it is important to get the important supplies as soon as possible. The supplies include:

· Drill

· Nails

· Measuring Tape

· Circular Saw

· Plywood

· Screws

· Window Clips

Once you got all the necessary supplies here is the process to follow step by step to board up your windows.

Measure the window & Plywood

The first step in the boarding windows process is measuring the window & plywood both vertically and horizontally. For this, you can use the measurement tape which you just collected recently from somewhere while collecting up the supplies. Once the window has been measured now you need to measure the plywood. Here you have to measure adding up 4 inches to each side of the wood which means the size of the plywood would be greater than the actual size of the window.

Drill the holes in the plywood

Now you have to make holes in the plywood using the drill bit the same diameter size as the screws you are using. For a perfect boarding, you would have to drill the holes at least 2 to 2.5 inches for the corner or edge of each corner.

Mark the Plywood

Now your car marks the plywood which board would be used for which window and what is the length and the height of the plywood board. It would help you in the boarding windows Leeds process because there might be several windows and several boards.

Install them onto the windows

In the last step of boarding up the windows, you are free to install the measured boards onto the windows. Now you can ask an expert to perform this job who is offering the services of boarding windows, smashed window repairs, smashed window Repair Leeds and glass replacement services. These experts can easily help you with the best solutions.

This is a simple process of boarding the windows which are done only by experienced and professional individuals. It is a very tough job which you would realize if you spend some time trying to do it by yourself. Only the professionals like “The Leeds Locksmith” should be considered for such hectic and technical jobs. They can provide you with quick and flawless window boarding and after the storm, inspection to check where glass replacement or window repair is needed. It would make the process very easy and simple if you have a reliable professional.


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