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How to choose the right emergency locksmith and avoid scams?

Updated: May 23, 2023

Locks and keys are present in almost every house and losing a key or breaking a lock is much more common. There is a high chance that you forget your key somewhere. It is possible to get locked out of your house and you can also be a victim of burglary and want to upgrade a lock. All of these situations require emergency locksmith service but whom to trust in case of emergency?

You can only call a trustworthy locksmith in time of need. Moreover, there are many locksmith scams out there with unprofessional companies providing low-quality service or stealing from people. Having a contract with a professional locksmith company is just as important as you prefer a doctor or a lawyer. They can not only offer an annual inspection for your locks but also assist you with emergency locksmith needs. Here’s how to find the right locksmith company and avoid scams.

Spotting a fake locksmith service

The recommendation and online reviews are not enough for you to trust a local locksmith for the job. Reviews and customer ratings can give you an idea about the services provided by the firm but it does not ensures they are not a fraud. They can easily add fake reviews and ratings just like the big service they are providing. Following are some helpful tips to make the confirmation yourself.

Unprofessional behavior

Unprofessional behavior is the first red flag that shows the emergency Locksmith Leeds company is fraud or immature. The locksmith comes with the right tools and knows how to fix your locks. They do not need to drill or replace the locks in most cases.

But if a locksmith claims that he needs to drill or replace your high-security lock it is probably a scam. He would then charge much extra for the replacement services. Furthermore, he can also use low-quality locks which can easily be broken and they can steal from you.

Fluctuating or low prices

A fraudulent company where is more likely to charge you in advance. They will keep negotiating the money or the end sum would be much more than the fixed amount. They will add useless things or present the complexity of work.

They will insist you pay through cash rather than a card. Remember that a professional company does not ask for payment till you are satisfied. They always value their customers. Extremely low prices on the other hand can also point out a scam or low-quality services. How can they run a firm by charging too much low from their customers?

Misleading identity

A real emergency Locksmith Leeds will provide you with their identity and the company card. A professional-looking card would be much different compared to a fraudulent company that does not have a physical address or a proper card. You can instantly check a fake or strange logo and the company. You can cross-check their logo through the list of all registered locksmith companies. They are more likely to work without any logo or claim that they are under development.

Choosing the Right Locksmith Leeds Company

  • A renowned Locksmith Company would share all the details of the services and is economical.

  • They have positive customer reviews and ratings that speak of quality.

  • They are punctual and can reach right at your doorstep on time.

  • They offer multiple services like lost key replacement, emergency lock opening, and security lock upgrade.

They provide a proper payment plan with the type of service you need and have multiple payment options like card or cash.


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