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How to Protect your Van from Damage

For many people, their van is their business. It's their mobile office, carries their tools and supplies, and is their main way of getting around. Keeping it safe is the most important thing to do. Here are the best tips and advice for van security Leeds is in one place to help you keep your van and business as safe as possible.

Over the last four years, the number of van thefts in the UK has gone up by almost 50%, so it's not surprising that security is one of the most important things to think about when leasing a new van. People often consult their local Locksmith in Leeds to ask three basic questions. So let's start with those.

What kind of safety does a van already have?

Leasing a van has to do with a lot more than just security, but knowing what you can and can't get as security will help you figure out how much you have to invest after you get it. The best advice is to compare how much it will cost to have the options installed before and after delivery. In most cases, you can spread the cost out over the length of your lease. Even though you can't put a price on safety, you can always find a good deal.

What can be added to a van to make it safer?

As was said, some security features can be added by the manufacturer as extras before shipping, but others might not be able to be. It's important to know what can and can't be put on your van to make it safer. Again, it is best to compare how much extra security measures from the manufacturer and private companies cost, or to find out if the cost can be spread out.

How many different kinds of locks can be put on a van?

Most of the vans on the road have extra locks, and people often ask what kinds of locks are most common and easily available. Here are the top four:

Slam Locks

Slam locks lock themselves when you close a door. They are perfect for couriers or drivers who only make short trips.

Stop Locks

Stoplocks are a type of lock that connects both sides of a door, making it hard to break in with a crowbar or pry bar.

Dead Locks

This type of unsprung lock is locked and unlocked by hand with a separate key, just like a deadlock on your front door.

Lock Covers

These covers make it harder for thieves to find weak spots in your van's locks. They can be pricey, but they are worth it.

Six ways to keep your van safe

There's a lot of information above to get you started, but there are a few more pieces of practical advice for any van driver:

Don't leave tools and important things in your van

It seems obvious, doesn't it? But this is something that needs to be said. Simply put, don't leave tools and valuables in your van overnight if you can help it. I know it's easier to say than to do, but taking tools away at night is a big deterrent to thieves.

Write down what's in your van

Keep a list of everything you keep in your van, both for your peace of mind and for your insurance. So, if something is stolen or goes missing, you'll notice it faster and have more information to help you file an insurance claim or get a new item.

Park your van somewhere safe

The best place to park your van is in front of your house, on your driveway, or in a garage. If you have to park on the road, a well-lit spot is also good. A lot of people have started buying CCTV cameras to keep an eye on their vans while they're sleeping. Motion-detecting lights are also a good thing to put outside your house.

Call an expert locksmith

Call your local locksmith for your van security Leeds. Have necessary locks installed and get any damages repaired. You can call the Leeds locksmith to have all your issues resolved.

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