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Latest Statistics for UK Domestic Burglaries!

Regardless of how long you have been a homeowner, domestic burglaries can be a traumatic experience for anyone. Therefore, to protect your home and lower your chances of a home break in, we highly recommend upgrading your home security where necessary. Below we will highlight some alarming latest statistics from Ultion on UK domestic burglaries and how you can improve your home security.

39% of Burglaries Happen During the Daytime Many people expect home break ins to only occur when it is dark. However 39% of all UK domestic burglaries happen during the daytime. Therefore, we recommend taking home security precautions at all times. In addition to checking that all locks and hinges on your windows and doors for signs of damage, we recommend the following:

  • Keeping doors locked at all times

  • Only open windows when necessary

  • If you need to keep a door or window open, only open ones which are within your sight

Regardless of when a home break in happens, our emergency locksmiths team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using our emergency call out service on 07581040733.

70% of Burglars Gain Access Through the Front Door With the front door being a clear point of entry for intruders, upgrade your door locks to minimise threat. Ultion Locks are a top choice for anti-snap high security locks and are approved by the Police, British Standards and the Master Locksmiths Association. Ultion Locks fight against lock snapping, bumping, picking and drilling and are even secure if you leave the key in.

58% of Burglaries Happen Whilst Someone is at Home With over half of UK domestic burglaries occurring whilst someone is at home, it is important to find security to protect your home and family. Consider installing CCTV which you can monitor 24/7 while you are in and out of your house. As well as giving you a warning if anyone tresspasses on your property, this can also collect video evidence if you were to need it. Motion sensor lights are also a simple, yet effective, deterrent for intruders as it puts them under a spotlight which attracts attention. Of course it can be triggered by an animal walking by, but they are always worth installing to keep you prepared.

Break-ins Cause an Average Cost of £668 in Damages If someone is determined to break into your home, they may leave damages behind where they have tampered with your window locks, door handles, climbing your fence and more. At The Leeds Locksmith, we offer double glazing repairs for windows and doors. We can complete upgrades and repairs for uPVC doors or windows which have become weak, damaged or broken. To protect your home from damaged locks, again consider Ultion Locks. As high security locks, they are designed to fight against lock pickers!

Stolen Items Cost an Average of £3,234 If you have valuable items which you want to keep safe and stored away, consider installing a safe. This can be hidden away and even if it is found, an intruder won’t have the time or permissions to break into it. This can provide you with reassurance that your most valuable possessions and documents are untouchable by anyone but you. Protect Your Home from Domestic Burglaries Upgrading your home security with tools such as CCTV, Ultion Locks and double glazing repairs can help to deter domestic burglars from attempting to break into your home. With the figures we have highlighted above, you can never be too safe.

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