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Nearly reached 100 5 star Google reviews!

The Leeds Locksmith has nearly reach an important landmark in its customer service.

Andy The Leeds Locksmith has always had the customers experience as one of the most important parts of each job. I always make sure all my clients are happy and understand every solution and aspect of there personnel job. Therefore I provide myself on all my reviews up to date being 5 stars and are nearly at 100 reviews on Google.

This most be down to customers consistently being happy with there experience with The Leeds Locksmith and I strive to keep these standards high and to provide a top service for a fair price.

Only today I visited a Mansion for a small job and their friend had recommended me. They were happy with my work and price and said in the past other tradesman had seen the long driveway and big house and gardens, then put in hefty bills and tried profiteering from the fact they appeared to have money.

In my eyes a 3 star euro cylinder is the same if its I a £10,000 door or a £300 door and if anything do a good job and the customer is more likely to recommend you, or she/he has more doors so when the next has a problem guess who they will ring.

  • Be Fair (Price)

  • Do the job to a high standard

  • Be polite manners are free

  • give your expert opinion with options for you client to decide

  • Make sure your client is 100% happy before you leave

And your customers will be happy and your business will grow.

Thank you to all my customers!

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