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The 3 most effective methods for making Glass Sliding Doors Stronger

These days, many homes have sliding glass doors. They let in a lot of light and make it easy to get to the backyard, decks, and balconies. Sliding glass doors make it very easy to get into a home, so you should always make sure they are strong. Glass doors and glass replacement Leeds require optimal care and attention so that the door stays as strong as possible.

Why are sliding glass doors weak?

Weak locks

They don't have good locks to provide enough security. A good deadbolt provides more security than the latches that come with sliding glass doors. Everyone knows that these latches are easy to open.

Sliding tracks

Because sliding glass doors have tracks instead of hinges, they are easy for thieves to take off. A skilled thief can take the door off its track with nothing more than a crowbar.

Tempered glass

Large, single panes of tempered glass can be broken through sliding glass doors. And tempered glass doesn't break into big, dangerously sharp pieces when it breaks. Instead, it breaks into small pieces with no sharp edges, so anyone can step over them without getting hurt.

The same thing goes for glass doors. They let a lot of light in and make a beautiful view from the outside. They let people who might want to break into your home see what you have inside and what might make your home a good target.

Most of the time, they are in the back of the house. Most sliding doors are in the back or on the side of a house, looking out over the yard. Because of this, they can't be seen from the street. They may also have bushes or fences around them that make it hard for neighbors to see when someone is trying to get in.

How to strengthen glass sliding doors

Install better locks

Locks can be put on either the top or the bottom of the door. The bolt-on these locks can move up into the door frame or down into the floor. Once the bolt is in place, these locks are locked with a key so that the bolt can't be moved. There are also good double-bolt locks. Lock change Leeds can really help to strengthen the security of the door.

Put one-Way film on the glass

You can put the one-way film on the door glass so that you can see out but no one else can see in. From the outside, it looks like a mirror, but from the inside, you can see out. Most of the time, these films only work during the day, so you may need blinds or curtains at night.

Put in panes of laminated or impact Glass

PVB clear plastic is fused between two or more pieces of glass to make laminated glass. The PVB sheet won't break if someone breaks the glass, so the glass won't fall to the ground. If a burglar wants to keep breaking in, he will have to cut through the film, which is usually enough to stop him. Impact-resistant glass is made to hold up even if a hurricane-force wind throws something hard at the window. If something can hit a window at 100 miles per hour, it will not be easy for a burglar to break it.

Get professional help

When it comes to keeping your home safe, you should always call the experts. Let a licensed locksmith help you choose the right locks and security features for your sliding doors and set them up. If you don't do these things right, they won't work. The Leeds Locksmith is a great choice to reach out for glass replacement Leeds and door lock issues.


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