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The New Most Popular Method of Burglary!

Because people are getting wise to locks snapping, criminals are looking

for other options to gain entry to your homes and businesses.

Lock Snapping is still a common method of entry for burglaries but I am coming across more and more French doors being shattered. With a massive influx of new builds in the UK due to the housing shortages, most come with French doors to the rear of the property into the garden. Ever night this week I've attended burglaries on new build estates with their door glass put through and car keys taken for further crime to be committed with vehicles not register to the criminal. Therefore don't think you're safe due to the fact you don't own a 100k Range Rover as high value vehicles aren't always the target.

There are methods and means of protecting your home or business against this sort of crime which The Leeds Locksmith can accommodate with.

This weeks burglaries I personally attended to were in Shipley, Crossgates and Seacroft areas all on new build properties.


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