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The Leeds Locksmith offers a composite door fitting service

Composite Door Repair

Here are just some of the potential problems that can occur with a composite door.

The Leeds Locksmith offers composite door repair service

Mechanism failure

Mechanism fail everyday due to ware and tear, misuse or pressure being put on them from the door being out of alignment.

A failed mech may present itself by the door unlocking but not being able to open it. It could be you can no longer lock your door. A tell tale sign is that the handles have become floppy and they don't retract the hooks on the side of the door.  

Failed Lock Cam

A slipped cam is a part of a euro cylinder lock found in most composite doors. if you can lock your door but not extract the key or can only lock it from one side, the chances are you need a new lock. Prognosis slipped cam. You can contact at Locksmith in Leeds.

Door Alignment 

You maybe struggling to lift your door handle or finding it hard to lock. This is a sign your door is out of alignment, if not rectified further problems will occur with the gearbox failing and resulting with you being left locked out.

Gearbox Problems

There are many gearbox problems that can occur. One is where the key is jammed between two points in the lock and you can't lock or unlock the door.

The Leeds Locksmith can come and fix whatever issue you have feel free to call for a quote.

Hinge Replacement 

All working parts will fail at some point some after years and some prematurely.

Hinges are no acceptation to this there are lots of different types and angled hinges out there. The Leeds Locksmith carries the most poplar ones in the van and can order most types if still produced within 24 hours from his expertise and experience. 

Locked Out

The Leeds Locksmith provides a 24/7 lockout service and hopes to get you back into you home or business in no time.



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