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Wooden Door Repair

There are many faults that can arise on your wooden door below are some of the common issues we sort out on a regular basis.

Euro Sash Lock Fresh Fit By The Leeds Locksmith

Swollen Doors

The most prevalent cause of door swelling is moisture this is most common as the winter comes, but there are other factors that also affect the issue. Due to frequent opening and closing, hinges and screws may become loose. Over time, the frame of the door can be misaligned. If your door is starting to stick or rub it can become irritating and effect the functionality of your locks moving parts too.


Dropped Door 

Your door can become misaligned due to it dropping as your hinges my have become sprained or failed. Often once the door is misaligned it will no longer lock leaving your property insecure. The Leeds Locksmith has the fix for this call for a quote today.


Spinning Key

When you try get into your home and the key just spins. The curtain in your lock has broken and is normally down to ware and tear. This is a very common problem, the key places the locks levers to the correct position but the bolt thrower has fail so won't extract the bolt from the keep.The Leeds Locksmith solves this problem often so why not give us a a call.


Gain Entry 

The Leeds Locksmith offers a 24/7 opening service if you are lock out etc.

Give us a call for a quote today! Best Services of Locksmith in Leeds!

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