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Introducing The Leeds Locksmith's Work!

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The Leeds Locksmith has been providing the best services to Leeds and surrounding areas. Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed. The Leeds Locksmith is one of the only Locksmiths in leeds to only have 5 star only reviews.

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Recent work ...

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The Leeds Locksmith Offers Gate Repair.
Rogue Locksmith!

A rogue locksmith butchered a gate in LS12 Armley, Leeds, I got the call to go round and do what I could to make the gate secure again. My aim was to make it not only secure but aesthetically pleasing as possible. The finished result on the right just needs one more coat of paint. Customer delighted with results. Contact us at Locksmith in Leeds!

The Leeds Locksmith Offers Keysafe Entry.
Keysafe Picked Open By The Leeds Locksmith.
Keysafe Picked open!

flat tenant in LS6 HeadingleyLeeds, lost her keys and there was a Surpa 500 high security key safe on site with master keys inside. Safe picked open and one happy customer back into her home.

The Leeds Locksmith Offers Gearbox Replacement
Failed Mechanism

Locksmith Leeds.

LS9 East End Park, Leeds, a Property management got in touch as a property on there books had a failed mechanism in the rear door so the tenants couldn't get out of the rear of there home.

I gained entry and replaced relevant parts in this case a gearbox on the mechanism had failed, replaced with genuine part and aligned door, the door was functioning as it should in no time.

Happy to help and was a lovely young professional couple.

Van Security!
Hook bolts side and rear doors.
The Leeds Locksmith Installs Hook Bolts

Another job finished improving van security with high security hook bolts installed to stop thieves getting into the van.


Everyday 20 minutes in Yorkshire a van is peeled by thieves to try take it's contents causing massive damages and cost to repair. Not to mention the thousands of pounds in missing products or tools and the fact you can no longer work due to tools gone or products stolen. Locksmiths in Leeds are overwhelmed with the about of van theft at the moment. 

Job: Horsforth, LS18, Leeds

Van Security Upgrades By The Leeds Locksmith.
Hookbolt Fitted By The Leeds Locksmith
Hookbolt Euro Installed By The Leeds Locksmith
Gate locking mechanism failure!
The Leeds Locksmith Offers Gate Repairs

Job: In Weeton LS21 Leeds.

Failed mechanism on a pedestrian gate in the Weeton area, now working as it should and property secure again.

The owner had called me out as the gate wouldn't lock anymore and was understandably worried about her properties security.

Stripped the locking mechanism down and checked all working parts, made some adjustments and lubricated relevant moving parts with a silicone based spray.

Another gate repair and happy customer.

03:00 Temporary board up! 
After burglary. 

Attended property at 03:00 in the LS9 Halton area.

A burglary had unfortunately taken place I removed the broken glass and boarded the french door to make the property secure until I could order new glass.

Stay vigilant! 

  • Burgalary repairs

  • Boarding up

  • 24/7 

The Leeds Locksmith Offers Boarding To Secure Your Home Afer A Burglary
Temporary board up Serivce The Leeds Locksmith

More Boarding up!

Adel LS16 Accidental damage needed boarding garage door made secure.

Leeds Locksmith offers:

  • Boarding up

  • Securing your property

The Leeds Locksmith offers boarding up sevices
remedial boarding up work by the leeds locksmith
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