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Burglary Deterrents

Let's not make it easy for burglar's to steal our processions and intimidate our loved ones. I work with the police on a daily basis so see all methods used by criminals to enter our homes. Here are some suggestions to make your homes and businesses more secure.

High security locks

The most common method of entry into your home is lock snapping. They use mole grips to snap the bottom of your handles off, then grab your lock and snap that out too. The rest is simple enough, I don't want to publicise the whole method but it takes 10 seconds to open your door. This can be stopped by fitting high security anti-snap locks which the manufacturers even back their locks with £2500 anti-snap guarantee and 10 years warranty. 

The Leeds Locksmith offers lock upgrades

Lighting & Line of sight

It is important to have good lighting around your property but especially at entry points. If the burglar tries to enter your property through traditional methods they will be under a spotlight and less likely to attempt to burgle your property, neighbours and pedestrians would see them.

Line of sight if you can't see you front door from the kerbside due to shrubs or a decretive tree the burglar is also in cover from being seen.

The Leeds Locksmith offers security upgrades

High security handles 

Bugular's are getting wiser to higher quality locks, upvc doors are especially vulnerable.

They snap the bottom of your handles off as normal then get a blowtorch and melt the plastic away around the lock so they can get more purchase to snap the lock at its weakest point.

High security handles can't be snapped so solves this issue and normal come with accredited star ratings most colours also available.

The Leeds Locksmith supplies and fit high security handles


If it is to easy to get around to the back or side of your property and find your homes vulnerable points. Then the burglars are in cover to be able to get to work and enter your home. Fit gates and gate locks where possible and potential vandal paint on top of fences etc.

The Leeds Locksmith offers security upgrades advice

French door/ Glass

As criminals are struggling with getting through high security locks etc they will look for other methods of entry. In recent times shattering French door glass or a larger window normally at the rear of your property is getting to be a more and more popular method. This can be combated by fitting laminated glass to prevent easy entry but can be quite costly. Try prevent criminals access to these areas and make your home more secure than your neighbours so they are the target not you.

The Leeds Locksmith offers remedial burglary work

What do burglar's want?

95% of burglaries I attend are for the vehicle on the drive so get a secondary mechanical steering lock, basic is better as electrical systems can be compromised as organised gangs go around with key signal duplicator software. If you have a keyless entry vehicle get a RFID wallet for your keys to protect your car from this method of vehicle theft.

Also simple things like putting your prized procession at the back of your drive blocked in by less valuable vehicles. Ghost immobiliser's are probably one the best electrical systems to stop anyone from being able to drive away even if they have the keys. 

The Leeds Locksmith offers vehicle entry


Upvc doors are often made up with panelled sections that are time and time again a weak point. Every week I see panels being kicked through and there are in as simple as a couple of kicks and the beading on the back of the door pops off.

You can get reinforced panels but it is in my experience still not secure enough, I would suggest upgrading your door to a composite door.

The Leeds Locksmith offers panel replacement
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