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The Leeds Locksmith offers a glazing service for many applications whether it's laminated, toughened, double glazing, single pane or georgian wired. I fit into aluminium, upvc, wooden frames.

Glass Panes
Glass fitting service by The Leeds Locksmith


  • When it comes to glazing there can be more variables than you might think.

  • There are many different thicknesses and finishes .

  • The glass needs the correct bar in between the two panes and sometimes is filled with certain gases.

  • The glass needs to be packed in the frame correctly.

  •  Frames can be internal or externally beaded and glazing tape at different thicknesses is often used.

  • Regulations dictate wether the glass needs to be toughened or not.

  • Clear glass from one manufacturer to the next have different pigmentations so it will stand out if you use two different manufacturers.

Glazing Replacement 

The Leeds Locksmith offers glass replacement either from accidental damage, criminal damages or the glass just blowing over time. I can come out 24/7 secure your property and order and fit the relevant correct glass for the job. You can Contact at Locksmith Leeds now!

double glazing fitment service
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