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5 Most Common Window and Door Lock Problems

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Locks, handles, and doorknobs are things we use every day, yet they are the things most ignored in our everyday routines. We often come across various window and door lock problems Leeds, and we often don’t pay much attention to these issues. Especially with the busy lives in Leeds, people don’t have time for lock repairs and replacements. With so many problems ignored, it often becomes difficult to keep one's head above water, especially when you encounter an issue at a random and inconvenient time. It’s better to keep a tab on your doors and windows to determine the right time for your door and window lock repair Leeds.

We've compiled a list of the top 5 most common window and door lock issues for your convenience, so you can always stay informed about the right time for repairs and replacements.

1. A door latch that is not properly positioned

In some cases, the latch does not grab the strike plate. Simply put, a door with this problem will not close properly or smoothly. This signifies that the door latch is not aligned with the strike plate. The strike plate can be adjusted or the plate can be deepened in general to solve this little issue. In a situation when it is not repairable, it is better to focus on relocating the door and aligning it with a new lock.

2. The key turns but doesn’t lock

This problem can be within the mechanism itself. If you are pretty certain about how a door mechanism works, you may remove the door lock and check the mechanism for any little worn pieces or dropped parts. If you are having trouble repairing a door lock mechanism, the Leeds locksmith can assist you in all door and window lock repair Leeds, so that you don't wind up doing more damage. If all else fails, a new lock should be able to solve the problem.

3. The Key Is Stuck and Doesn’t Turn

Many people face this issue. For the most part, people try to turn the key by force rather than removing it. Breaking the key in this way could leave the broken piece trapped within. We strongly advise you to contact us first before attempting to turn it on your own. When it comes to non-destructive solutions to door lock issues, the Leeds locksmith is an expert in all window and door lock repair Leeds.

4. Distorted Door

Doors and door frames become deformed or severely distorted owing to adverse weather conditions. It is better to replace the distorted doors before they completely fall off.

5. A Faulty Door Mechanism

Most door lock troubles are caused by malfunctioning mechanisms, but this can also happen as a result of normal wear and tear. These mechanisms can malfunction or get stuck if they are used too much or too little. It is always essential to check door locks from time to time to avoid lock-outs or call an expert if you suffer any door or window lock problems. Usually, this shows indicators of wear or breaking before anything actually happens. However, it can still break randomly and when it’s least expected.

With this information, you can be aware of your window and door lock issues before they get out of hand. Whatever the situation is or how badly your locks are broken, never ignore the situation. It’s better to spare some time out for the problem before the problem itself breaks your back.


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