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Attended yet another burglary in North Leeds!

Hi people be aware I've been attending lots of burglaries this festive season across West Yorkshire. Most popular spot at the moment is some of the more affluent areas of north Leeds Alwoodley, Shadwell, Adel, Roundhay, Chapel Allerton and Horsforth.

Most burglaries these days are for the vehicles on the driveways so don't make it easy for them. The thieves either use your vehicle to commit further crime or to ship to other countries if valuable or strip and sell the parts on the second hand market.

  • Do not leave keys on a hook in your entrance hallway.

  • If possible leave them in a key safe or out of sight.

  • If possible put your car keys in a RFID key wallet so they can't pick up your fob frequency and steal your car without the need of entering your home.

  • Lock your garden gates.

  • Put vehicle out of sight into the garage if applicable.

  • Use the old fashion steering lock.

  • Have a immobiliser and tracker fitted.

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