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Door opening Techniques used by Locksmiths

Situations like getting locked out of your house require the help of a locksmith to open the lock and help you get in. Locksmiths are highly skilled and trained to open and work with every type of door lock. Locksmith services can solve your problem within a few minutes, or they might take some time to do the job, depending on how crucial the situation is. They use different tools and techniques to open different types of door locks. The Leeds Locksmith provides emergency locksmith service in Leeds. Some of the techniques are listed below.

Bump keys

This is the oldest technique used by locksmiths. Bump keys work in almost all households with a conventional tumbler lock. They opened the lock without causing any damage to the lock’s pin mechanism.

Lock picking

This technique requires a lot of skill and is performed by experts. This technique is used to open a four-pin lock. In this technique, all four pins are meant to be lifted at the same time at a certain level to open the lock.

Cylinder Grilling

This is the last option, which is considered destructive by locksmiths. A cylinder lock is drilled to open the door lock. In this technique, the lock is always changed at the end because it gets damaged.


For modern locks such as keyless locks, old methods like bump keys are not suitable. Reprogramming is required on locks that have digital keyless entry systems.

Key Analysis

In this method, a new key is made by locksmiths to open the door. This is a very advanced technique.

Locksmiths help change the lock

Locks defend you and your place against security threats. Problems with locks should be handled with care. In situations where you are locked out of your house because of broken, damaged, or jammed locks, you might need to change the lock. When you call a locksmith to change the lock, a good locksmith will check the lock before changing it right away.

Locks won’t always require changing; sometimes they only need to be repaired. Locksmiths analyze the situation and suggest whether to change it or just repair it. When your home locks are getting changed, you can also upgrade them to modern locks such as keyless locks. They are more convenient than regular locks.

How can a locksmith help with key cutting?

Keys are made by either copying the old one or just making a new one. There are several machines used to cut a key. It is done by manual key cutting machines, automatic key cutting machines, laser key cutting machines, and many others. When your key is broken and gets stuck in the lock, the locksmith will remove the key from the lock and make you a new key for a new lock.

How to prevent lockouts

In case you get locked out of your house, all you have to do is call a locksmith, but how convenient would it be if you just prevented getting locked out of your house? There are many ways to save yourself from getting locked out. Some of the ways are listed below.

Keep a pair of spare keys with you

The most common reason people get locked out is losing or forgetting their keys. If you have a spare key with you, you can easily get in without worrying about munching. The only condition of having spare keys is that you have to be very careful when handling them.

Upgrade your locks to smart locks

Smart locks, like keyless locks, don’t require a key. When you don’t need a key, you don’t own one, and you don’t lose it, which means there are fewer chances of you getting locked out. If you are looking for Locksmith services in Leeds, contact The Leeds Locksmith.


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