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Residential & Commercial Door Repairs | Quick & Affordable!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

There are many working parts within most doors even if the doors are made from wood, Upvc or Composite Door Locks Leeds.

Parts that can fail within a residential door:

  • Gearbox

  • Full mechanism

  • Mechanism Latch

  • Bolt

  • Lock Curtain

  • Door handles

  • Spindle

  • Euro lock itself (plug failure, slipped cam, seized pins, etc)

  • shoot bolts failure

  • hooks on mechanism not retracting

  • Broken follow on the gearbox

Some of these you may have heard of some you may have not. That's why there are experts that specialize in fixing your door so you don't need to know all of this.

Most professional locksmith's carry all these parts on their van so they can fix your door straight away in one visit. A competent locksmith should be able the narrow the fault down with a series of questions over the phone and give you an estimate of costs.

Be wary of any "locksmith" who is being vague about the problem or price as they are either not very knowledgeable or trying to pull a fast one on price. Once they are at your property and you have had your door worked on, you may be put in a awkward situation when a price isn't discussed before work has commenced.

There are many different manufactures of parts on doors as there all want a secondary piece of the pie once parts fail. Unfortunately parts today arn't designed to last like they use to be as companies rather have reoccurring income.

This parts range massively in price and quality in my experience as a locksmith at The Leeds Locksmith. The most expensive parts are also not always the best quality either.

I always give warranty on parts and labour and I believe trustworthy knowledgeable professionals will do as if they have done the job right they have nothing to worry about.

When calling a locksmith ask as many question as you can relating to the prognosis they give you so they can explain there conclusion to you and you get the right professional. Don't be scared of ringing around as two locksmith's many come up with to different answers and one of them is wrong and the prices many be worth comparing too.

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