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Prevent Your Car From the Rising 'Smash And Grab' Incidents

The number of "smash and grab" thefts have gone up in wealthy areas all over the country. But you can protect your car and the things inside it with a car alarm that you can buy separately. If things get worse, you can always call a skilled locksmith for smashed window repair Leeds.

Police have seen an increase in thefts from parked cars all across the UK. Find out more about this threat and how you can protect yourself from it.

Theft Through Smashed Windows

Most of the time, the person who is involved in theft uses a blunt object to break a car window so they can reach in and take things. Smash and grab crimes usually happen in a short amount of time. Even if the glass is tinted and the doors are locked, thieves can steal valuable things that can be seen through a broken window.

How to Keep Your Car Safe: Simple Steps

To keep thieves from breaking in, authorities say that you shouldn't leave anything valuable in your car. Things that are considered easy to steal from cars are:

bags, purses, backpacks, briefcases, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and GPS devices.

Drivers should also park near buildings and in well-lit areas. In any case of emergency, you should always have the contact of your local Locksmith Leeds.

Anti Theft Alarm Installation

Another smart car owner safety measure is to install an anti-theft alarm system. A few years ago, Tesla owners said that there was a security gap. And more and more "smash and grab" crimes were committed against the Model 3 Tesla. This happened because the alarm didn't go off when the glass in the back quarter window broke. Then, thieves could reach in, fold down the back seats, and take things out of the trunk. In response, Tesla added better anti-theft features to the Model S and Model X. Now, if there is any movement inside a locked car, the system will let you know.

Unfortunately, not all automakers and factory models offer this kind of all-in-one system and people end up paying for window replacement and window lock repair Leeds. Systems can tell if someone is trying to break into a car by using one type of sensor or more than one type.

Glass Break Detectors

This kind of sensor can pick up on certain sounds. The alarm goes off when microphones that are very sensitive pick up the sound of glass breaking. It's a common way to keep the car's cabin safe, and it should also be able to detect tampering and hits to the glass that don't break it.

Shock Sensors

A shock sensor keeps a car from being stolen by detecting when the body, including the door panels, has been hit. If someone hits the car body or breaks a window, for example, the system will know how strong the movement was. Some models have a warning signal that goes off before the main alarm goes off.

Pressure Sensors

A pressure sensor can tell when the air pressure inside the car changes. This type of sensor will sound an alarm if a window is broken or a door is opened by force.

Movement detectors

These alarms can be better at stopping theft because they can tell when there is movement inside the cabin. For example, Cadillac makes systems that use ultrasonic waves to detect movement. This kind of system does a good job of letting owners know about break-ins and smash and grab theft.

Reach out to your local locksmith

If someone broke into your car or did a "smash and grab," the Leeds locksmith can help you get back on the road in a safe way. They have been experts in fixing and replacing smashed window repair Leeds for many years.

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