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Some Common Door Lock Problems and how to fix them?

It is quite frustrating when your door lock is not working properly. There can be a lot of problems with your key or lock. A problem with the front door or garage door is especially annoying as you cannot use access to your house. It also increases the security risk for you and your family. There can be many reasons why your door does not work.

It can be due to dirt accumulation or lack of lubrication in the lock, sometimes the mechanism of the lock breaks due to excessive use over the years. The locks can get misaligned as the doors expand or contract due to heat or cold temperatures. However, a locksmith can solve all these door lock problems.

Frozen locks

Frozen locks are a common issue in areas where the temperature drops too low. The lock is completely jammed and does not move. Do not try to force insert the key into the lock otherwise, it might break.

A simple solution is to damp cloth with warm water and place it on the doorknob. However, this technique is workable on latch key locks and simple door knobs. Call a technician if you have a different type of lock rather than forcing or damaging the lock.

Problem with the keys

You might face some serious situations with the keys when they turn but do not lock the door. It means that the internal mechanism of the lock is faulty. You need to open up the lock and resolve the issue.

Sometimes the people force in the key and turn sharply which then breaks the key inside. In this case, you can pull out the key with the help of needle nose pliers and a saw blade. You can also remove the cylinder of the door lock. Now this is a difficult situation and you need to call an expert for door lock problems Leeds.

Misaligned doors

Misaligned doors occur due to poor installation of locks or environmental damage. In both conditions, the door does not lock. You need to replace the lock in most cases. A professional door lock problem Leeds service provider can fix the misaligned doors without damaging your door or lock easily.

Why do door knobs get loose?

Lever-styled doors have this common issue as their door knobs get loose over time. These types of locks are usually in the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom of your house. Some people also use door knobs for their front doors which is not much safe. They get loose and the doors do not close properly.

It mostly happens due to rough use when they are opened and closed forcefully or when kids cling to them. Sometimes the door does not even lock or gets stuck when you shut them. You can change the locks with a new and sturdy model if they are too old or change the lock cylinder for better functioning.

Why a door lock repair Leeds service is better?

A professional door lock problems service is better as compared to doing the task yourself. Firstly you will need to have all the tools and expertise to repair or replace the lock. You might damage a lock while you are doing it for the first time. There is a mess after the lock replacement which you need to clean.

Also, the task sometimes becomes time-taking. So, a technician is better to take care of all the minute details and work with perfection. He has the tools and team to handle different kinds of locks and doors. Plus, you do not need to take a day off or spare time for repairs if you want to work on more than one lock.

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