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Glazing & Boarding
Gaining Entry
Burglary repair work
Window repairs 
Door Alignment etc etc:-

euro sash lock installed

Door Lock Repair Leeds

Door lock repair Leeds services resolves issues such as Jammed Mechanisms, misalignment, or broken components, ensuring that your doors lock properly, restoring security, and smooth operation.

     Locksmith in Leeds offers:

  • Jammed mechanisms in doors and windows

  • Dropped, misaligned doors, windows

  • incorrectly packed glazing 

  • Glass re-work or replacement

  • Boarding

  • Burglary repair work

  • Lock upgrades or replacement

  • High security handles 

  • Door closers

  • Gain entry

  • Welding

  • Metal gate repairs

  • Re-hinge windows and doors

  • Improve security

  • Van locks

  • Van security

  • Vehicle entry

Being professional, I have gained locksmith skills and expertise that enable me to fix all sorts of problems. No matter what kind of  repairs you need, I’ll always give the possible options to you so you can make the best inform decision with the knowledge I've provided. 

Top quality horizontal sashlock

Gearbox & Mech failures

Unfortunately locks vandalism happens so I can come and fix or replace necessary locks that this has happened too all with a average 30 minute call out time. Fire doors call become faulty and unsafe I can fix a single entry lock or the full mechanism. 

Locksmiths in Leeds offers:

  • Gain Entry

  • Gearbox Replacement

  • Mechanism Replacement

  • Mechanism Repair

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commercail doors

Commercial & Fire doors

Unfortunately locks vandalism happens so I can come and fix or replace necessary locks that this has happened too all with a average 30 minute call out time. Fire doors call become faulty and unsafe I can fix a single entry lock or the full mechanism. 

  • Fire safe conversions

  • Fire door Pre Test Inspections

  • Commercial Door Repairs

  • Aluminuim Door Repairs

  • Door Closer System Repairs

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Gate handle and lock install

Gate lock install

The Leeds Locksmith is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. From 5 lever lock changes to fresh fits and gain entries. 

  • Gate locks

  • Gate repairs

  • Gate lock upgrades

  • Gate lockouts

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High security handles

Upgrade to high security handles

There are a number of ways you can make your home more secure for the future. Some security measures can be expensive but there are other less expensive things you can do that cost much less​​. These high security handles are a upgrade option which makes it hard for the lock to be picked and the handles can't be snapped like in the most common burglaries as there are 3 x thicker with a brace design behind the handle.

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Patio door break in

Boarding & Glazing

The Leeds Locksmith has brought reliable and efficient security Boarding and glazing services to the market. Whether you accidentally smash a window or you have been burgled from boarding up for your immediate security, to refurbishment and re-glazing. The Leeds Locksmith offers a Boarding and glazing service in Leeds  for your convenience and security needs 24hrs a day. I can also recommend glass upgrades and more secure options to stop unwanted visitors.

Hookbolt install

Van lock installs

Since its founding, The Leeds Locksmith has been one of the most trusted names in the van locks industry. Hire me for this service and learn how I cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

I fit hookbolts, deadbolts, wiring loom guards, anti peel brackets etc. My parts are supplied by Locks4vans so put your vans details in and find the product you would like on your van. Locksmith in leeds and surrounding areas.

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Window Repair Leeds

In case your window lock has been damaged or broken then you can simply dial my number and I’ll be there for you for the finest Window Repair Leeds Service. I’ll surely assist you with the right solutions as I have lots experience as a professional Locksmith in Leeds.

My services are available for everyone whoever needs lock repair, rekeying, window mechanism replacement, or window handle replacement services. Doesn’t matter where you are located in Leeds or Bradford, I will come to your doorstep within no time after receiving your call. Being a passionate locksmith, I work really hard and try my best to fix the lock issues within the shortest time.


 Window mech's often get stuck, damaged, broken or loose to which you need to get them replaced or repaired. For this purpose, I am the best option for you because I have expertise & skills to repair all sorts of window problems.

You will surely admire my services because I work with passion and motivation, I give myself a tough time repairing difficult and different window issues to fulfil the expectations and demands of my clients.

Window Insulation
Container lock

Padlock Removal

From containers to garden sheds The Leeds Locksmith does Padlock removal in leeds.  Sometimes your misplace your keys or the lock becomes faulty these things happen. All jobs big and small feel free to contact me on 07581040733.

Window Lock Repair Leeds
Window lock repair Leeds provides restoring the security and functionality of your windows. Prompt repairs with services like the Locksmith Leeds ensures that your windows can be securely locked. 

Get the best Window Lock Repair Service in Leeds

Window lock repair are crucial for several reasons.
They ensure the security of your property by fixing any issues that may compromise the locking mechanism of your windows.
By addressing problems such as misalignment or damaged components, window lock repairs restore the functionality of your windows, allowing for smooth and reliable operation. 

Additionally, timely repairs can prevent drafts, improve energy efficiency, and provide peace of mind, knowing that your windows are properly secured and protected.
This keeps away intruders and maintains a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

High security lock install

Lock Changing Services

Get the best and the most reliable Lock Changing Services now at your doorstep. Yes, I’m offering excellent locksmith services to my valued clients using all my expertise and skills to resolve all your lock problems. To change your lock, it will not take even 15 minutes because I can easily change any kind of door lock, window lock, or car lock using my distinctive expertise and skills. I use the latest locksmith tools & equipment that help me to do my job correctly and efficiently.

So if you are looking for the best and most affordable lock changing services in Leeds then you can call me anytime. I’ll assist you with the right advise and services at competitive rates. To satisfy my clients and retain them for a long time, I discuss with clients a none rushed consultation then execute there choices with a high quality of work.


No doubt, you would love to acquire my services again and again if you experience them at least once. Changing a lock or repairing it is best left to an expert as your safety and security is the one of the most important things we should all value, I've seen numerous DIY blunders leaving the property venerable and unsafe if there was a fire etc.


I have changed different types of locks including modern locks, traditional locks and smart locks. So don’t worry about what kind of lock you have, you can ask me to come to your place without any concerns I am also DBS checked.

Picked open night latch

Emergency Locksmith Service

After midnight, you've recently got up from work, and you've chosen to relax and de-stress. You reach inside your bag and pocket for keys, only to discover they are missing. Panic sets in when you realize you've locked yourself out of his house. 

This is when the assistance of a fast locksmith might come in handy. Whether you've locked yourself out of your residence, misplaced your vehicle keys, or have a damaged lock, a professional locksmith may be the knight in armor of light, accessible at any time of day. 

When you're in a lock-related emergency, having access to a reputable Emergency Locksmith Service might be the difference between life and death. Their prompt reaction, 24-hour availability, extensive range of services, qualified specialists, cutting-edge equipment, cost-effectiveness, and peace of mind are vital assets in times of crisis. We may even be able to offer lock repair service we only replace locks if they cant be fixed. 

Gate Repairs Leeds

The Leeds Locksmith offers expert solutions to fix damaged or malfunctioning gates, ensuring their smooth operation and enhancing the security of your property.The services of the Gate Repairs Leeds are essential for maintaining the functionality and security of your gates. 

Get the Best Gate Repairs Services Today
Whether it's a residential driveway gates or a commercial entrance gate, professional repair services can address various issues that may arise. 
These services include: 
    fixing damaged components,
    repairing malfunctioning mechanisms, 
    and restoring the smooth operation of the gate.

Gate repair experts at the Locksmith in Leeds, have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose problems accurately and provide effective solutions. 

With our gate repair services, you can make sure that your gates work perfectly, making it safe from thieves and intruders.

Gate welding repairs

Glass Replacement Leeds

Glass Replacement Leeds can fix broken or damaged glass quickly and professionally, bringing your windows or doors back to their original look and making them safer and more useful.

Easy to Find Glass Replacement Leeds Services

When windows, doors, or other glass surfaces are broken or damaged, you need to get the top notch glass repair services like the Locksmith Leeds. We are experts in glass repair in Leeds and can help you get your glass’s clarity, usefulness, and safety back quickly and reliably.

From fixing cracked windows to replacing broken glass panels, our services make sure that your space is well insulated, secure, and looks better overall. With our experience and high-quality materials, glass repair services make sure that your glass needs are met in a way that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services provide expert solutions for all your lock and key needs. From emergency lockouts to lock installations and repairs, professional locksmiths ensure your security and peace of mind.

Why the Locksmith Leeds is the Best?

Emergency Lockout Assistance

We offer 24/7 services to help you regain access to your home, car, or business during lockouts.

Lock Installation and Repair

We are skilled in installing and repairing various types of locks, ensuring optimal functionality and security from our lock repair service.

Key Cutting and Duplication

We can cut new keys or duplicate existing ones, providing you with spares or replacements as needed.

 Master Key Systems

We can do a lock upgrade create master key systems for properties with multiple locks, allowing convenient access while maintaining security.

Security Upgrades

Locksmiths in Leeds offer expertise in assessing and enhancing security measures, recommending and installing high-quality locks and security systems, to pevent unwanted visits.

upvc door lock repair
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