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Guide to Lock Changing for cheap easily

Have you ever faced a situation where the key gets broken in lock, when the key does not turn in the lock, the key gets stuck in the lock, or the lock simply does not work. You have just rented or purchased a place and do not know how many copies of the keys are there? Rekeying is an option where locksmiths can change the internal lock mechanism so that it operates with a different key.

It is a solution but you need to take the lock to a locksmith shop for lock changing Leeds. This sometimes becomes very costly. But many brands do not offer a key change to make the lock secure. You will only be able to make another key by having the lock kit of the same brand. It is better to purchase a kit when you are using multiple locks of the same company.

Each kit will have different locks but you need some extra pins for extra locks. These pins can help you open the door locks especially deadbolt locks. This process is somewhat time taking and needs a lot of work. A simple option is to change the lock altogether. You need to replace the lock with a new one. It not only provides security but peace of mind.

Materials Required

You need a lock, a screwdriver, some screws, drill, tweezers, measuring tape, and a vacuum cleaner to change the broken lock yourself. But it is better to have a professional lock changing services do the task as they can do it more conveniently and professionally. You might need a drill to make new holes if the lock is of a different type.

Steps to change the lock yourself

1. Firstly, you need to remove the old lock which is broken or does not work anymore. This is easy to do with the help of a screwdriver. Find out the location of the screws of the previous lock and loosen them. Remove screws from the interior side present with the turn plate. Then move towards the exterior side and work along the narrow part of the lock. Your old handle is out of the place instantly.

2. Now install the new deadbolt in place of the old one. You can check the instructions manual from your deadbolt assembling kit. Keep it in upward direction to get an idea of the screws and fix the position where you want to fix it.

3. Observing the deadbolt clearly, you will find the places to insert screws and fit in the lock perfectly. The lock assembling kit will get you all the things you need to fix the locks securely.

These simple steps are extremely helpful to fix a simple deadbolt lock. However, a professional lock changing Leeds locksmith will help you fix modern locks like smart locks with keyless access and multi-point locks easily. Furthermore, a reputable door locks Leeds service will help to install or repair all the locks throughout your house.

What is the cost of changing locks?

The cost of lock changing depends on various factors like the locksmith charges, type of locks and the number if locks you want to change. The cost of average repairs will be around 40 to 50 dollars depending on the work they have to do. However if you want to replace the locks, it means you will expect to pay more than a 100 dollars.

You can have a package or deal if there are more than one locks to replace. You can also save these costs by hiring a professional Locksmith Leeds for annual inspection. They will check all the locks around the place and can fix or repair the required ones. This is both money and time saving option.

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