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Window Lock typical Issues

A common problem that locksmiths come across all the time is that sometimes the window won’t open. The window can be jammed due to the lock, and neither the window would open nor would it close. While trying to open a jammed window, sometimes the handle can also break. Every problem has a solution. A solution to these problems is to call the most skilled and experienced locksmith. The Leeds Locksmith provides you with the best locksmith to address all your problems and find an immediate solution.

Importance of Window Locks

Locks in general are a very important feature for safety reasons on any public or private property. Window locks protect your premises from break-ins and intruders. Not every lock is considered a solid and tough lock. There are all types of locks available on the market. Starting from the cheap ones to the most expensive ones, and from low-quality locks to high-quality locks, locks like deadbolts, hefty window locks, and window pin locks are affordable, durable, and strong. For a great security system for your whole property, all the doors, windows, and any other entrance should be protected by strong locks to stop any intruder from breaking into your private property.

How can you tell if the window lock is damaged?

To know whether the window lock is damaged, you first need to know the mechanism of the lock and how it works. The lock opening mechanism consists of three parts: the handle, the gearbox, and the drive gear, with every part connected to the other. So when your window lock isn’t working, it might be due to the crack in the spindle, which is located in the gearbox. This crack will cause the handle to rotate completely in a full circle without the lock opening. Another reason for your window lock being damaged is all the components of the gearbox getting jammed, which will also result in the jamming of the handle. A problem in one part of the mechanism can cause a problem in the functioning of the other part.

Why windows in Leeds don't lock?

Not every window in Leeds faces a locking problem due to the actual lock on the window. You need to completely analyze the situation to know the actual problem. Possible reasons other than the actual lock not working are listed below.

Warped Frame

Wood windows are most likely to get old and allow water to leak inside due to the wearing down of the seal around the window. The wooden frame around the window takes on moisture and gets swollen. This would cause the frame to be distorted and would make it difficult to open the window. This problem can only be solved by replacing the window.

Damaged frame or window

Old and cheap windows get easily damaged. Windows go through a lot of wear and tear, which makes them weak. When windows become weak, they stop functioning properly. Replacing damaged windows with affordable and durable windows is the right option.

The Leeds Locksmith is here to provide you with door lock repair Leeds, along with window lock repair Leeds service.

What window locks can a locksmith repair?

Locksmiths can repair all types of window locks. The most in-demand lock repaired by locksmiths is the UPVC window lock. UPVC window lock locksmiths can also repair double-glazed window locks, wooden window locks, and sash window locks. Not only locks but a locksmith can also solve problems caused due to hardware such as hinges and handles and can also repair and replace them with new hardware. A pro Locksmith in Leeds like The Leeds Locksmith can help you with Window Lock Repair Leeds.

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